Duinkerken's Private Label Opportunities


Duinkerken Foods Inc. provides world-class private label services for allergen-free baking mixes and ingredients. At Duinkerken, we know firsthand what customers on an allergen-free diet needs. We are the experts in the allergen-free industry, and we stay connected to your customer by always implementing market research, and interacting through events and social media outlets. With our expertise, passion, and dedication we can provide your brand with unique and versatile baking mixes that the whole family will love.

The Advantages of Duinkerken

  • 20 years’ experience in the global gluten-free industry.

  • We offer a direct development service that is always transparent for you.

  • Provide an extensive list of product formulations.

  • Always able to provide support for specific custom product development.

  • We ensure label claim compliance due to our strong testing and quality control system.

  • Our marketing department will work with you to assist you in your target market, and design services such as logo, label and packaging creations.

  • Allergen-free facility.

  • GFSI Certified and CFIA compliant.

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